Saturday, December 9, 2006

Setting the table

After considerable examination of the blogosphere menu, I've found that most of the Key West-related blogs are either a bit too confrontational for my taste, or are a bit more writer-centric than what I like to cook up.

I want to prepare a wide range of dishes, hopefully with a broad enough perspective that it'll be hard to taste "confrontation" within the flavors I mix up. Human interest will be a main ingredient. And I'll be trying very hard to find the positive angle, eschewing negativity. (And hopefully I won't continue to mix metaphors so thoroughly as I have here!)

I'll warn you up front: I don't like to get people mad. If you're looking for sour discord, this table isn't for you. If you think I'm turning up the heat as you progress through an entry here, please keep an open mind and taste the rest of the snack -- hopefully once you've digested it you'll find that it was cooked evenly. Food for thought is my recipe.

I will be allowing comments on my posts, but will be screening those comments to prevent salty spam and trollers. The only house rule is the golden rule, so please don't post rudely or obscenely. I can take (and expect) criticism, but personal attacks against any contributer here will go to the disposal.

Welcome to the Heart Of Key West -- I hope you find the menu intriguing.